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Want to know more about that
amazing stuff?

Can you imagine
your services being supercharged?

Become the digitization expert for your industry

Enable your industry partners and customers to communicate a consistent brand image

Add value
with customer-specific apps and content

market position and competitiveness

Help your customers
attract talent and grow their business

Digitize your processes:
optimize and automize them

Ensure employer branding
to attract talent to your industry

Establish service
and add value to your website and connected applications

You think your partners
can do it themselves?

They lack the time, expertise, and confidence.



The idea that your industry partners can digitize their business themselves is almost unrealistic. Only very few small businesses have a sufficient budget to hire specialists and agencies, in order to outsource all of the aspects digital transformation.

What are the components of the perfect solution?
Your partners need a one-stop service for consulting, contents and implementation.


  • A consulting plan that your partners can understand and that motivates them to participate
  • Professional services that deliver success quickly and fit in your partners‘ budget
  • Pre-selected contents and applications for your industry

Software enables service, and service enables software

Smart tools to optimize digital services.

Make use of smart tools that optimize your workflows and digitize the dialogue between agent and client.

Offer high quality digital services much more efficiently and budget friendly to small businesses.

Don‘t just be on the INTERNET, be at the front of it.

“The key to success is not just being on the Internet, but being at the front of it.“ 

„And you can only do that with a professional website, targeted online marketing, and a partner who offers individually tailored services.”