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Who is Kairos?
The time is ripe for small companies to leverage the business opportunities of digital transformation.

...a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force 
if success is to be achieved.

~ Eric Charles White, Kaironomia, 1987

The actors and their stage.
The characteristics of small businesses in Europe.

The environment of small businesses varies from industry to industry. Small business owners generally need to be multi-taskers: in charge of sales, marketing, human resources, operations, finance and data security. Being prepared throughout digital transformation is an additional important responsibility affecting every other business area.

Digital transformation radically changes the way small businesses need to work. 
They have limited time, know-how and resources to digitize their business processes themselves. 
Small businesses start to realize that digital transformation can be a risk for the future of their business. However, to understand and implement the possibilities of such a disruption they need a partner who translates, speaks their language and leads them to success.

35 Mio.
small business
in europe
Of all
50 Years

They say it‘s super easy… 
but it‘s not. 

Clients want more!

"It’s almost hopeless finding a perfect internship
and getting good impression of coworkers, the business, and references."

Well organised...!

„There are thousands of options to build a website yourself. But in the end, it‘s still very complicated and time consuming.“