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An annually digitization investment of €1,500 by every 35 Million small businesses in Europe, would make this market worth over €50 billion. In contrast, the average yellow pages ad costs more than €800, and the shared web-hosting market alone amounts to €1 Billion just in Germany.

Don‘t just focus on consolidation or global services for homogeneous industries. Disruption is changing numerous business models, especially those of local small businesses.

€50 Bill.
1,500 €/y
€1 Bill.
Hosting Market

About us.
We have developed and implemented various models in practice along with strong partners.

As the inventor of online website-creation for the hosting industry we started together with 1&1 in 2002 to explore the characteristics and digital needs of over 500.000 small business.

With the realization that small businesses need tailored services that fit their local and industry specific needs as well as their budgets, we decided to offer exactly that with our brand web4business. Together with more than 160 partners for contents and applications we found the perfect formula for a successful solution.

By combining the software of CM4all with the service and contents of web4business we managed to create a unique end-to-end solution that leads small businesses through the digital transformation of their businesses.

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