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amazing stuff?

Can you imagine your services being supercharged?
Offer new digital services to small businesses.

  • Fill the market gap for small businesses who are not wiling to invest in expensive agencies or time consuming DIY services
  • End-to-End platform to power digital business with minimal investment
  • Orchestration of vertical applications and contents ensures effectiveness of digital transformation
  • Enable your target group to reach their consumers: think B2B2C!
  • Create and profit from synergies and establish your own eco-system
  • Reduce churn by cross- and upselling to strengthen customer loyalty

You think small businesses can do it themselves?
They lack the time, expertise, and confidence



The idea that small businesses can digitize their processes themselves is almost unrealistic.
Only very few small businesses have a sufficient budget to hire specialists and agencies, in order to outsource all the aspects of digital transformation.

What are the components of the perfect solution?
Small businesses need a one-stop service for consulting, contents and implementation.


  • A sales assistance tool that supports your consultants by identifying the perfect arguments for any small business.
  • Cost-efficient services enabled by a scalable end-to-end platform that manages and supports your agents‘ workflow.
  • An open interface that allows the optimal digitization mix provided by a combination of various services.

Software enables service, and service enables software

They know what the customers‘ needs are.

“I want a partner to adapt to new things and to integrate them very fast into the product.“ 

„CM4all has their own customers. So they really know what the customers‘ needs are and programm new features based on that knowledge.”

„You have a guarantee that the product is up to date.”